Avocado Powder - Aguacate en polvo
Avocado Powder

Our unique product is powder avocado, you can prepare dressings, soups, guacamole and so many other products. We set ourselves to make a powder avocado that would comply with the following:
  • Make it natural.
  • Have creamy avocado flavor.
  • Meet the world market demand.
  • Make it stable for 12 months.
  • Can be used in the food industry.
We can also extract the avocado's oil, 100% pure, cosmetic use.

Hi, in this site English is spoken. We are in the business of drying natural
products. We hope to have an English written version soon.

In the mean time, feel free to drop a line or two, contact us via WhatsApp, @natdryMX, FaceBook or make a call now @ +52 1 (555) 418-0980.